Frequently Asked Questions - Lurg Hill WindFarm

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be any lighting on the turbines?

The height of the turbines will be 149.9m, which is below the height for which automatic lighting is required under Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Guidance. Therefore, there will be no lighting of the turbines.

Which roads will be serving construction traffic and will there be any delays?

Turbine components will come from the port of Inverness on the A9 and A96 and will approach the site from the east from the A97, the B roads to the west of Aberchirder. All other construction traffic will travel from the A96 via the A95 and the B roads to the site access track. Operational traffic limited to a small amount of maintenance traffic it was determined construction traffic would not have a significant effect on traffic levels around the site. Further assessment of impacts to traffic will be undertaken as part of the Environmental Appraisal.

Will there be any compensation for locals affected by the Proposed Development?

Community investment for the local area over the project’s lifetime will be £5,000 per MW per year. Based on the current assumed capacity of up to 15MW this would be worth circa £2.5 million over the lifetime of the Proposed Development. A community investment package will be determined in consultation with the local community. We welcome feedback from the local community regarding the allocation of funds from a community investment package. To provide feedback please fill out the feedback form or contact us at

Is there a difference in the footprint of the turbines for the Consented Development and Proposed Development?

At this stage a marginal increase in turbine foundation size is anticipated, from 20m for the Consented Development to 22m for the Proposed Development.

What will be the impacts to local wildlife?

There are no designated sites within the vicinity of the scheme and ecological surveys found the site is mainly coniferous plantation and no sensitive habitats were found on site. An updated Ecology assessment will be carried out as part of the planning application.

What will be the differences in the effect on Landscape and Visual impacts between the Consented Development and Proposed Development due to the increase in turbine height?

The increase in turbine height is considered to be minimal from a landscape and visual perspective. An overview of the changes from key viewpoints is available within the Virtual Public Exhibition recording. An updated landscape and visual assessment will be undertaken as part of the Environmental Appraisal.

What will the view be from my home?

We are unable to provide viewpoints from individual properties, however if you have specific concerns regarding impacts to your property please fill out the feedback form or contact us at

Will the Proposed Development result in an increase in noise levels?

Construction noise will be mitigated as appropriate and will be subject to any planning conditions deemed necessary by the Local Planning Authority. The Consented Development determined all operational noise levels would be at an acceptable level for all receptors and these are considered likely to be similar for the Proposed Development. An updated noise assessment will be carried out as part of the Environmental Appraisal.

Could the Proposed Development have an impact on local house prices?

Various studies have been undertaken to consider the impact that Wind farms have on house prices from the announcement, construction or completion of wind farms. A Renewable UK study concluded that, there is no evidence to suggest that there was a long-term negative impact on house prices, either during the period of construction or post completion of the wind farms.–Cebr-Study—The-effect-of-wind-farms-on-house-prices.htm

What is the programme for construction works and what time of day will construction take place?

Construction of the Proposed Development is currently planned to take place in 2024. The hours between which construction activities can take place would be expected to be subject to planning conditions. For the Consented Development, it was assumed construction activities would be 07:00-19:00 on weekdays and between 07:00-13:00 on Saturdays. Any exception to these hours would be sought through permissions from Murray Council as required.